We offer a variety of training programs for both the rider and horse. We are firm believers that anyone can ride a well trained horse, and that most problems are with the horse and not the rider. With that said, we put great emphasis on training of the horse as the foundation for all pleasurable and safe riding. All of our programs are on-site training, your horse must stay with us for the duration of the training program. This allows for the necessary repetition of training exercises and assures consistency in the training program.

Remind and Refresh:

This program is designed for a horse that has had some time off from being under saddle and needs to go thru the paces as a reminder of what is expected of him. This program is ideal for a horse that you may have recently purchased or a horse that you have taken some time off from riding.

We will evaluate your horse for proper ground manners, including standing while groomed and tacked and work any problems that your horse has in this area. Your horse will be reminded of safe mounting etiquette and the importance for your safety to stand still while you mount.

Your horse will be reintroduced to the round pen and taken thru the paces of walk, trot, canter, woe, and reverse directions both on the lead line and without line. We will evaluate your horse for sensitivity and desensitize your horse to any issues with the rope or training stick. A horse that has issues with being spooky or insecure may require more time in the round pen before we can move onto riding.

Your horse will be worked under saddle both in the arena and on the trails. We will take your horse thru the paces of riding and evaluate any issue we need to work. Our goal is for you to have a safe enjoyable ride with a horse you trust.

Remind and Refresh is a 30 day program: $1,875. Does not include boarding fees.

Rider Makeover:

Our rider makeover program is designed for a rider who desires to improve their riding skills. We will evaluate where you are currently and discuss your goal as a rider. This program has one goal and that is to make you a better rider.

Package of 8 lessons on your horse: $800.
Package of 8 lessons on our horse: $600.

Round Pen 101:

The round pen is the foundation for any well trained horse. Rather your horse skipped this step and you need to go back and teach this, or you are having an issue that can be resolved with groundwork, the round pen is a skill that is invaluable in horse training. We will teach you and your horse how to get the most from the round pen.

Round Pen Intro; 2 weeks; $1,000; does not include boarding fees
This includes an exit lesson for you to learn how to command and control your horse in the round pen

Round Pen Behavior Modification:

The round pen is used to work you horse thru issues such as spooky behavior, excess flight, and disrespect (example: no whoa).

30 day; $900; does not include boarding fees
This includes an exit lesson for you to learn how to command and control your horse in the round pen.

Private Lessons:

Your horse: $75/hour
Our horse: $125/hour

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